Though He Slay Me

Spurgeon called this one of the supreme sayings of Scripture. That it rises like an Alpine summit, above all ordinary heights of speech. That it pierces the clouds and glistens in the light of God. That it is one of the most sublime utterances of the human mind. He also called it a rare flower of rich almighty grace.
Can we join with Job in faithful confidence of the Most High as he said:

“Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.” – Job 13:15.

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Finish Strong!

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Called, Beloved, & Kept

Jude 1 says that the called are loved (sanctified) by God and kept for (preserved in & guarded by) Jesus.

I’m good with that arrangement.

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The Social Stomach

social stomach

The ant has two stomachs; one for itself and one for the group. It’s called the “social stomach.”

“When worker ants forage for food, they store liquid food in their ‘social stomach.’ At a later stage, the food can be distributed to hungry nest mates in a process called trophallaxis.” (

Sometimes ants may appear to be ‘kissing’. They are actually sharing food with nest mates.

Now, this is not what Solomon had in mind when he told us to consider the ways of the ant in Prov. 6:6-8, but it’s still pretty relevant:

Christian, feed yourself and store some to share with others!


Levi Lusko, “Sweatpants on the inside”

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Divine Dragging

Jesus says, “No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him” (John 6:44). That “draws” in Greek is “helkó” and means: DRAGS. That seems more accurate, doesn’t it?! Sometimes a parent has to drag his or her kid away from the busy street because they don’t know how dangerous it is. Thank God for His divine dragging!

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Pray After You Eat Too

empty plate

I know you are praying before you eat. But, how about praying after you eat as well and praising Him for the good He has just given to you?

“When you have eaten and are satisfied, praise the LORD your God for the good land he has given you.” – Deut. 8:10

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Insights on Proverbs 29, 30, & 31

king lemuel and his mom

Insights on Proverbs 29, 30, & 31:


Just think about it: If you make the choice to be stubborn, then just one tiny degree change today – will mean a significant deviation over a lifetime. Imagine starting a ship on its course and being just one degree off: you are going to miss your destination by a long shot! Now imagine being too prideful to course-correct. Disaster!

Solomon offers another red flag; a flatterer. That person is just spreading a net for your feet.

There is a final call to social justice: the righteous consider the cause of the poor, but the wicked do not.

God gives light to the eyes of both the poor and the rich. He is in full control of all things at all times.

There is final call to discipline your kid; correct him and he will give delight to your soul.

If there is no vision, the people run wild. Does your church leadership have a vision?

2 red flags: the prideful man and the thief. Partner with neither.


Chapter 30 is not Solomon, it is Agur.

Agur has a distinct style very different from Solomon. He sets up a structure in verses 15b-31 that is pretty interesting. Read it and see for yourself.

He has a great verse about every word of God is pure and that God is a shield!


Chapter 31 is unique in the fact that it is not Solomon or Argur. It is also not King Lemuel, but Lemuel’s MOM! Isn’t that cool? It is what his momma taught him. I love that.

Guess what Lemuel’s mom taught him about? What do all mothers want for their sons? A virtuous wife. Verse 10-31 extol the strength & honor the virtuous wife wears, that her children grow up & call her blessed, & how beauty fades, but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised.

Wow, what a way to end the book of Proverbs! And all the women said, “AMEN!”

Did you learn anything? Did this benefit you? Are you going to continue reading a Proverb a day?

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