Speak, Lord


Samuel didn’t know what to do when the Lord first called to him. He didn’t even know it was the Lord’s voice.

His mentor Eli recognized what was happening. He told Samuel if the Lord called again to reply: “Your servant is listening.”

That sums up all that is required of us. Listen. Recognize the Lord in your life and listen to Him!

Sometimes God speaks and we don’t even hear it. I pray that His servants are listening and secondly, that they are ready and willing to obey!

May you recognize God’s presence today!

Read Something Else

Read Something Else TodayBy the time you’re done reading this sentence, you may feel convicted. Leave this page and go to the real page. Read something worth reading today.

All the rest of this stuff is just filler.

Get into The Word today!

You can read 1 John in three minutes. I’ll time you. Go!

God Bless!