Everyone on the side of truth listens to Jesus

the other side

I want to share a verse with you that I have totally fell head-over-heels in love with.

Jesus has just been arrested and taken to Caiaphas, the High Priest. He doesn’t answer their questions the way they like, so He is struck and lead to Pilate’s tent. He is called inside where He and Pilate have a private conversation. Pilate asks Jesus if He is the king of the Jews. Jesus tells Pilate that His kingdom is not of this world.

Pilate asks Him if He is a king. Jesus answers that He is a king, born to testify to the truth. Then He says this:

“Everyone on the side of truth listens to Me.” – John 18:37 (NIV)

I want you to let that sentence marinate. Let it percolate. Let it steep. Dwell on it.

Everyone on the side of truth listens to Jesus.

Jesus is saying if you reject Him, you are not on the side of truth. The opposite of truth is lie. If you refuse to listen to Jesus, you are on the side of lies & fiction. You are on the false side!

If you believe in truth (accuracy, authenticity, fact, legitimacy, veracity, correctness, genuineness), then you listen to Jesus. A loyal subject hears his King. When you side with the light and the truth, you hear the voice of His Gospel both externally & internally; “so as to approve of it, rejoice at it, and distinguish it; and the voice of His commands, so as cheerfully to obey them from a principle of love to Him.” (John Gill)

Here is a litmus test to reveal if you really are a champion of truth. Ask yourself: Do I listen to Jesus?

  • If I do, I am on the side of truth.
  • If not, then I am not.

If I ignore, discount, or deny Jesus, then I am not on the side of truth.

Jesus is the TRUTH (John 14:6). If you believe truth, you believe Jesus and you shall be free (John 8:32). If you do not believe in Jesus, you do not believe truth and you shall be in chains.

Everyone on the side of truth listens to Jesus.

Which side are you on?

Ref: http://biblehub.com/john/18-37.htm

Christians Are Like Tea Bags


I heard this saying attributed to either Chip Ingram or Greg Laurie:

“Christians are like TEA BAGS; you don’t know what they’re made of until you put them in hot water.”

Isn’t that about the truth!

Is the heat being turned up in your life?

This is where “the rubber meets the road,” right? Anyone can act nice when everything is going their way, but what seeps out when things aren’t? What comes out of that teabag?

  • Fruit or works (Gal 5)?
  • Fresh water or salt water,
  • Bitter or sweet (James 3:11)?
  • Or… are you like a box of chocolates?

Something you may never have thought of is the fact that teabags are useless without hot water, aren’t they? It’s actually IN the hot water that teabag finds their purpose and usefulness.

Try to remember this the next time you find yourself in proverbial hot water. Pray for me as I pray for you.

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Ref: https://www.facebook.com/moodyradio/posts/848812451813491


Thank You, Billy Graham

Billy Graham Takes His Crusade To New York City

Billy Graham; the very embodiment of 2 Tim. 4:7, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.”

What an inspiration, encouragement, and model for every Christ follower!

Thank you, Billy Graham for a life well lived in the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Well done, good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of your Lord!

Ref: http://www.faithwire.com/2018/02/21/legendary-evangelist-billy-graham-dies-at-age-99-heres-his-incredible-life-story/

One Minute Before You Die

I believe we believe that we have an unlimited amount of time. Tomorrow is going to come just like it did yesterday; Get up, go to work, come back home, go to bed, repeat. However, we are just fooling ourselves. Our time here on earth is so short. It’s just mist in the wind (James 4:14).

We will have a last day, a last hour, and a last second.
This is my last 10 minutes:
The clock begins.
10 minutes and counting…

What would I do? I’m sure I would squander a few of those invaluable minutes convincing myself that its not that bad and that I’m going to be alright. Then reality would set in like a heavy stone: this is it, man. It’s over.
7 minutes…

  • Where is my wife?
  • Where are my daughters?
  • Where is my family?

6 minutes…
If I am with them, I tell them (if not, call if possible?)… I tell them I love them. Over and over I tell them how much I love them and I wouldn’t change a single second. I’m so sorry for being such a big baby all the time. I ask them to please forgive me all my stupid petty trespasses. I forgive them all theirs.
4 minutes…
I release any grudges, hatred, resentment, or bitterness. Those should be like mist in the wind! I wouldn’t remember any of the bad. The good would jump to the front of the line. I hold them tight. Tighter still. I can’t get them close enough!
2 minutes…
I cry with them. I laugh with them. I breathe with them… deep breaths, let’s share that. Share my last breaths, tightly, tightly in the arms of my sweet beloveds. See you soon. Thank you Lord Jesus! Thank you for every thing. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you!
1 minute…
Imagine the hourglass of time. Just like the clock counting down, it is relentless. All those grains of sand. All those seconds tumbling through and then gone. There is one grain of sand that is the very last one. It sparkles and shines, it is so precious. 
There is one second that is the very last one. It is worth more than gold. You want it to be the longest second ever created. It bounces around the middle section of the hourglass… holding on for the very last millisecond, the last nanosecond, the last – DON’T FALL! – and then it is gone. Forever.
Time’s up.
For a believer, it is “far better” to depart and be with the Lord (Phil. 1:23). We look forward to it. We long for that day. Our time here on earth IS limited, but our time after is eternal. Jesus is waiting for us (2 Cor. 5:8). So, it will be a glorious day. However, for an unbeliever, it will be a dreadful, dreadful day; the beginning of eternal torment. Fear like you’ve never known.
No one wakes up thinking, this is going to be my last day. But one of those days is. God’s “appointed time” for all of us is winding down (Acts 17:26, Psa. 139:16).
If you don’t know Jesus, PLEASE accept & confess Him as Lord over your life (Acts 2:38-39). [IM me if you have questions.] Repent of your sins and live each day for the Him (Col. 1:10). Let go of the trivial stupid-ness that entangles all of us. Forgive quickly. Show mercy. Don’t withhold your heart. Tear down the walls mistakes have built. Remove strongholds & inroads the enemy has used to twist your thinking. Laugh! Enjoy God’s blessings & gifts!
Thank the Lord for every heartbeat, every breath… until it is your very last one.
Clichés are clichés because they are true: live each day like it’s your last.
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Not Just Goliath


We all have a Goliath in our life. See that! Goliath is so famous, I don’t even have to tell you who he was. You’re already imagining a rude, towering brute taunting God & God’s people. Today his very name is synonymous with a big problem.

You say, but – I don’t have just ONE giant, I have a WHOLE CLAN! I’m also up against Saph, Lahmi, & Ishbibenob! (2 Sam. 21:15-22, 1 Chr. 20:4-8)

I’m not just facing fear, but guilt & shame came with it. I’m not just battling porn, but also alcohol & pills. I’m not just wrestling with insecurity, but also anorexia & low self image came to join the party. I am being tag-teamed! I am being ganged-up on! I am outnumbered!

Ok, yes. You are in a sense… but, not really. Let me explain.

Here’s what you’ve been taught: Goliath represents your problem. David is you. If you face your problem with Jesus on your side, you can take that big bully down. Right? Sorry, but that is dead wrong. Goliath IS your problem, that much is correct. But you are not David. Where are you? You are the Israelite army quaking in your boots a mile away.

Jesus is David. He’s the giant-slayer, not you.

Jesus steps in and takes your giant down, not you. He takes your place. He fights your fight. You aren’t even there! You’re not in the Valley of Elah. You are in the background safely hiding behind the other chickens.

It might seem like you are being overtaken by giant problems and if you reject Jesus and try to take on Goliath all by yourself, that certainly could be your fate. However, if you accept Jesus and let Him fight that battle for you, then His victory will be your victory.

It doesn’t matter how many giants you have, Jesus bests them. It doesn’t matter how strong they seem, Jesus is stronger. The only thing that matters is that you make Him your Champion.

Ref: https://answersingenesis.org/bible-characters/giants-in-the-old-testament/

How Can a Loving God Send Anyone to Hell?


How can a loving God send anyone to Hell? Why unlimited punishment for a limited behavior? Isn’t Hell cosmic overkill? Too harsh! Not fair!

I’ve heard this objection many times and it seems reasonable… at first.

John Bunyan said, “No sin against God can be little, because it is against the great God of heaven and earth.” Jonathan Edwards said, “The greatness of a sin is determined by the greatness of the being against whom it is committed.”

Erwin Lutzer gives the following scenario:

To throw a snowball at a mailman is one thing; to throw one at a policeman is another. And if you throw a snowball at the President of the United States, you will be arrested. Using that analogy, think of the infinite crime of sinning against an infinite God. Sin is much more serious to God than it is to us.

I’ve never had the opportunity to throw a snowball at the POTUS, but I’m sure if I tried – the Secret Service would tackle me faster than you can say Barry Allen. And that’s just the President! Imagine throwing a snowball at God? Unthinkable.

God doesn’t send anyone to Hell, they send themselves.

Heaven is God giving people want He wants. Hell is God giving people what they want. C.S. Lewis said that the doors of Hell are locked from the inside.

God wants ALL PEOPLE to be saved (1 Tim. 2:4). He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked (Ezek. 18:23, 32). He patiently wishes that NONE perish (2 Pet. 3:9).

Does a doctor enjoy telling her patient: Hey, you have asthma; smoking is not healthy. You should stop. Does she enjoy it year after year, telling the patient the same diagnosis? You should stop. Here is the medicine. Please take it! Of course not. Is God any different? But He won’t force the medicine on us. He loves us too much for that.

Here is justice in its purest form: You reap what you sow.

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. – Gal. 6:7-8

You wouldn’t let just anyone come into your home, would you? Would you let in a thief? A murderer? A rapist? No. You have a standard. So does God. Unfortunately we can never meet that standard. So He made it easy on us: we come in with His Son (1 Cor. 6:9-11).

It all comes down to how you respond to Jesus.

For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. – John 3:17

The real question is: Why would God send anyone to Heaven?

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My Boring Playbook



I am boring, I suppose. I have the same answer to every problem because the same answer is the answer to every problem.

My playbook has only one play in it: Give the ball to Jesus.

I don’t have an onside kick, a fake punt, or a reverse. I have just one strategy: Put Jesus in.

I don’t have a Top Secret play that I have been working on. I don’t have Shooter run the Picket Fence. I don’t have Daniel-san do the Crane Kick. I have the same play we’ve always used: Pass it to Jesus.

Ever watched a game where one athlete is just heads and shoulders better than everyone else? Its almost not fair. We all watched as Shaun White and Chloe Kim just crushed everyone at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics the other night. They take it to the next level. They are just that good.

We have Someone on our team that is heads and shoulders better than everyone & everything we will ever face. INFINITELY BETTER!

Why in the world would you not put Him in the game? Why try to take on the devil and his demons all by yourself? It’s like leaving Michael Jordan on the bench and telling him, “Don’t worry, Mike. I got this.”

Seriously man, are you insane?



The More Light You Let In


The more light you let in, the brighter you become. It’s your choice; shut the blinds completely  & remain in the dark, crack the blinds & let in just a fraction of light, or tear the blinds down & flood the room with light!

Light has come into the world (John 3:19). It’s up to you how much of it you let in.

Social Media: The New Bible

bowing before technology

Charles Spurgeon said that “Newspapers are the Bibles of worldlings! How diligently they read them! Here they find their law & profits, their judges & chronicles, their epistles & revelations!”

I trust the Prince of Preachers would indulge me just a minor update: “Social Media is the Bible of worldlings!”

Not much has changed in 2000 years. Paul basically said the same thing to the church at Colossae:

Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ. – Col. 2:8

Paul said bowing before anything other than Christ is cheating you. This is the only occurence of that Greek word. It has several implications such as someone plundering & taking captive and making a victim by fraud. But here is the most literal translation (and the most chilling): “to carry off like a predator with its prey!” Bowing before anything other than Jesus is carrying you off like a viscous predator. What are you bowing before?

Social Media is fine as long as we are not neglecting time in God’s Word. Is this ratio out of balance? I know its harder and harder to fit all that we have going on in, but – FIGHT FOR THAT TIME! Make it a priority. Maybe something needs to go. What’s it going to be? What’s most important? If this were your final day, how would you spend it? Scrolling through Facebook?

Time spent with the Lord is never wasted. His Word heals & delivers us (Psa. 107:20). Don’t know where to begin reading the Bible? Start with the Gospels (it introduces you immediately to Christ).

Please don’t give up that precious time to see what someone else had for dinner.

Where are you getting your news? Which is your Bible: the actual Word of God or the internet?

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Ref: http://biblehub.com/greek/4812.htm

God Can Use Traffic For Good

la traffic

One of the reasons I left Los Angeles was the traffic. It is unreal. I knew sitting in traffic like that was going to slowly drive me bonkers. So, it’s no surprise that a new study found that LA is the world’s most traffic-clogged city:

“Drivers in the region spent 104 hours each driving in congestion during peak travel periods last year. That topped second-place Moscow at 91 hours and third-place New York at 89, according to a traffic scorecard compiled by Inrix, a transportation analytics firm.”

While you may not find yourself spending 104 hours in traffic this year, it may feel like it. So, what are you going to do with all that wasted time?

Here are just a few ways to make that time count!

  • Pray: pray for the drivers around you, the cops enforcing the law, and that teenager who just passed you while texting. Prayer is the real deal. Pray more, worry less.
  • K-LOVE: listen to that Praise Music! Ain’t no reason you can’t be worshiping the Living God while stuck on I-79. (Dancing, of course,  is optional).
  • Podcasts/CD’s: There are a plethora (a word I honestly believe no one would ever know if it weren’t for ¡Three Amigos!) of resources available today. There are few reasons not to be listening to 1 sermon every single day. FEW! Start at oneplace.com (it has a lot of sermons, you guessed it: in one place).

I’m pretty sure this is not what the Holy Spirit had in mind, but man, does it seem appropriate: what was meant for evil, God can use for good (Gen.50:20). Am I calling traffic evil? Yes. Yes, I am. Use it for good!

Oh, and by the way – those who bemoan living in little ole West Virginia, here is another fun fact this study revealed:

“Of 240 U.S. cities studied by Inrix, drivers in Parkersburg, W.Va., spent the least about of time stuck in traffic during peak hours at three hours per year.”

So, there.