Ask More, Tell Less

James 1 19

Ask more, tell less. This was some profound advice I was given by a great friend, Pastor Cyril.

“So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath,” – James 1:19 (also see: Prov. 10:19, 17:27, 29:20 and others)

Let us open our ears & our hearts more than our mouths! How can we learn anything about anyone if we are always talking? The biggest part of my job is just listening, remaining quiet, and letting the other person just speak. Simple, but so difficult, isn’t it? What better way is there to show that you care?

Here’s your homework for the weekend: Zip it.

Ask more, tell less.

Have a Mentor & Be a Mentor


Are you looking for a mentor? Who wouldn’t welcome the wise counsel of a strong advisor who is willing to invest in them, come along beside them, & offer insights on relationships, finance, & life?

It is important to have a mentor and to be a mentor. (Prov. 15:22; 11:14; 20:18)

If you are seeking a mentor, pray for God to put one in your life. Likewise pray for God to reveal someone you can mentor. Think of it this way, you know how much you would like someone to step up and be a lifecoach to you? Well, step up and be that lifecoach for someone else!

You might shy away; who am I to guide someone else? Look, it doesn’t take perfection, training, or a degree. It only takes a heart for God, time, & love.

Mentorship involves prayer partnership, setting goals (accountability), allowing for honesty, & listening. It also has an End. Commit to a specific amount of time (6 months/a year), then evaluate whether to continue or if the purpose has been accomplished. Luke didn’t stay on Dagobah indefinitely, did he? No, he learned from Yoda and then continued on his own mission.

Ok, so you may not have a mentor at this time. If not, consider the following until you do:

Who is the most successful man or woman you can think of? The wealthiest? The wisest? Whoever that is, what if you could read their diary full of thoughts and wisdom? How much would that be worth to you?

Besides Jesus, Solomon was the wisest human ever to live (1 Kings 4:29-31). He was also the wealthiest; He brought in $1.1 billion a year in gold alone! Silver & gold were as common in Jerusalem as STONES (2 Chr. 1:15)!

He collected his experience & knowledge into the Book of Proverbs. Why are you not tapping into all that insight? What is stopping you from sitting down with Solomon every morning and learning from his free mentoring?

There are roughly 31 days in a month and there are 31 Proverbs. Therefore, if you read 1 per day, you can read the Book of Proverbs 12 times through in a year. It takes only a few minutes to read each chapter. Imagine the wisdom you would learn in just minutes a day!

Easy reading schedule: Just match the date with the chapter. If it is the 3rd of the month, read the 3rd chapter.

Of course, Jesus is our main Mentor. Nothing & nobody replaces Him. He is our lifeline and first go-to Person! That much should be obvious. “All the treasure of wisdom & knowledge are hidden in Him (Col. 2:3).”

But don’t overlook this powerful book in the Bible. A chapter a day may keep bone-headedness away.

I said “may.” Even the wisest person ever can’t guarantee that I won’t make a bunch of bonehead moves.

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Take Heed How You Hear

not listening

A little phrase Jesus used that I have skipped over many times without too much thought (as I’m sure you have too) was brought to Brittany’s attention this morning and she shared it with me:

“Therefore take heed how you hear.” – Luke 8:18a

Am I paying attention to how I hear? Am I even listening? Or is it the old “in one ear & out the other?”

When we are listening to a sermon or a devotion, are we dialed in or tuned out? Jesus said to look at HOW you hear.

A common obstacle is the presentation, right? If the presentation is boring, its hard to focus. Presenters are definitely on the hook to make the Gospel engaging but, the hearers are supposed to be… hearing.

Let me also give you this scenario: If you are in a plane and someone is presenting how to put on a parachute in the event of a crash: no matter how boring his or her presentation is- YOU’D BE TAKING HEED HOW YOU HEAR!

How much more important is hearing, understanding, & absorbing the Gospel of Grace?

Let’s hear on purpose. Take heed how you hear!

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