Don’t Murmur Among Yourselves

Therefore Jesus answered them, ‘Don’t murmur among yourselves.” – John 6:43

Murmur is the onomatopoeic word, gogguzó. It’s supposed to sound like “cooing doves” (Strongs). It means to mutter with muffled undertones; to show “smoldering discontent,” droning on in a low, constant grumble (Souter).

Jesus said it’d be great if you didn’t do that.

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What Is That In Your Hand?

So the LORD said to him, ‘What is that in your hand?’ He said, ‘A rod.’” – Exd. 4:2

This is God talking to Moses from the burning bush.

Moses says he has a shepherd’s rod. God then turns it into a snake and then back again. From here on out, that staff would be called “The Rod of God.”

God can use whatever you have for His purposes. Under God’s direction, that same common piece of wood split the Red Sea and brought water from a rock.

The question is: what’s in your hand?

And: will you give it to God?

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The LORD JEHOVAH is Everlasting Strength

“Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength.” – Isa. 26:4

The literal translation is noteworthy: “Trust ye in Jehovah forever, for in Jah Jehovah is a rock of ages.”

He is the rock of everlasting strength.

“Nothing in my hands I bring, Simply to Thy Cross I cling” (Augustus Toplady, Rock of Ages, 1763).

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Infallible Proofs

“to whom He also presented Himself alive after His suffering by many infallible proofs, being seen by them during 40 days and speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God.” – Acts 1:3

Jesus rose from the dead and was seen by so many people Luke says the proofs are infallible.

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Continuance in His Word

“If we abide in Christ as ‘the truth,’ we abide in His word, and there is no abiding in him apart from continuance in His word… to speak of knowing God and the truth that He is apart from the word of revelation which is incorporated for us in the Scripture is for us men an abstraction which has no meaning or relevance” – John Murray, Principles of Conduct, 1957, p. 128.

We MUST be continually in His Word!

The word of Christ MUST dwell in us richly!

All else is folly. All else has no meaning. All else has no ultimate relevance.

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Come, see a Man

Come, see a Man,” Samaritan Woman – (John 4:29a)

This was the plea of a former-sinner-turned-evangelist: Come, see a Man.

Simple. Perfect. Effective.

This short testimony and an entire city is saved.

Won’t you follow her example?

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The Apostle and High Priest of Our Confession

“Therefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our confession, Christ Jesus,” Heb. 3:1

There is a heavenly calling to partake of. Jesus is THE APOSTLE and HIGH PRIESR of our confession. In other words, we are in very good hands.

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