Why Do You Trouble Her?

Let her alone. Why do you trouble her? She has done a good work for Me.” – Jesus (Mark 14:6)

She came to worship and love Jesus.

The disciples grumbled at what they deemed to be a wasteful act.

But what seemed wasteful to them was precious to our Lord. He accepted her extravagant gift for what it really was: loving worship.

Charles Ellicot says, “The Lord Jesus, in His sympathy with all human affections, recognises the love that is lavish in its personal devotion as noble and excellent in itself; if the motive be love, and not ostentation, He will recognise it, even if it is misdirected.”

(The Anointing at Simon the leper’s house in Bethany; full account Mark 14:3-9; Matt. 26:6-13.)

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