Insights from Proverbs 12


Insights from Proverbs 12 for the 12th:

You know when the Bible says that someone is flat out “stupid” who does “X,” I tend to pay close attention to that X. Proverbs 12 opens with such a warning:

Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, But he who hates correction is stupid (v.1).

Hey, no one likes to be corrected, but to hate it? That’s just not smart.

Stupid is the Hebrew word ba’ar. It means “to consume by burning or eating.” Its the image of a child throwing a temper tantrum or one who spitefully stuffs their face with food they don’t even like just so no one else gets any. What a baby!

Solomon is really saying that it’s the sign of someone who is immature.

There are many other striking images in Proverbs 12. I’m not going to go over all of them. I recommend reading them for yourself.

Among them are:

  • How an excellent wife is the crown of her husband (v.4).
  • A tender verse for animal lovers (v.10).
  • The power of words (v.18-22).
  • Warnings about laziness (v.24, 27).
  • The importance of choosing your friends wisely (v.26).

Take your time with these. Read them nice and slowly.

And try not to throw any temper tantrums today.

(Yes, that is Mary at one. Yes, it is my very favorite picture of her. I call it, “The Magnificent.”)

Ref: (ba’ar)

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