The Sin of Making the Bible Boring


Howard “Prof” Hendricks was fond of saying, “It is a sin to bore a child with the Word of God.”

It’s no wonder once our kids get to college they drop out of church. So many were brought up with a boring presentation of a boring message. It’s no wonder that their faith wasn’t sticky (Kara Powell/Chap Clark).

“Church people are amazing in the regard. They will come back week after week for inengaging, uninspiring, unimaginative presentations.” – Andy Stanley

Jesus was never boring. His Word is not boring. His bride should never be boring.

“Boredom is like anthrax. It can kill. More people have been bored out of the Christian faith than have been reasoned out of it. Dull, insipid sermons not only cause drooping eyes and nodding heads, they destroy life and hope. What greater damage can we do to people’s faith than to make them feel like God and Jesus Christ and the Bible are boring?” – Haddon Robinson

Let us be engaging, inspiring, and helpful!


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