Stuck in a Rut

stuck in a rut

In weightlifting there is the term, “plateauing.” You begin working out. You see big gains. Noticeable changes. You get leaner & stronger. The numbers fly up on what you can lift and the reps you can do. Then, it levels out. The numbers are harder to get higher. The changes aren’t quite as noticeable.

Things get rote. Things get boring. And you get stuck.

We have a saying here in West Virginia; “stuck in a rut.” Old country roads get worn down into deep groves. Its pretty easy to get hung up in them. That’s what happens when you go down the same road over and over again; ruts happen.

Have you plateaued in your faith? Have you leveled out? Are you getting discouraged?

Are you stuck in a rut in your faith? Have we worn down the road until their are deep ruts getting folks hung up? How can we expect to get somewhere new if we are not willing to leave where we are?

Perhaps your focus has been off. If your focus is on anything other than Jesus, than things get drastically askew quickly. If your focus is on the building, the service, the pastor, the couple in front of you, the game on later that night, the game you went to last night, the groceries you have to get tomorrow, the final you have to take next week, that girl you desperately want to notice you, that boy you desperately want to talk to you, that house that needs cleaned, that dress you really couldn’t afford…

If your focus is on any of these things – then yeah, its going to be easy for you to plateau & get stuck in a rut.


It is all about Jesus. The rest is peripheral. The rest is non-essential. The rest is the rest. Begin with Jesus. Praise His name. Remember His sacrifice. Lift Him high. Cast your cares on Him. Bow to Him. Kiss His feet. Hear His voice. Take His yoke. Sing to Him. Pray to Him. Laugh with Him. Follow Him.

Focus on Him and you’ll be out of that rut and helping others who are also hung up.

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