Endless Love Given To All

blackwater falls, mrpatvincent, Holy Spirit, patrick vincent
Blackwater Falls, Davis, WV

Did you know one of the Holy Spirit’s roles is to show you how much God loves you?

the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us. – Romans 5:5

First, I like that it is 5:5, that’s easy to remember for people like me who are number-aversive (an ailment I just made up but I think is pretty legit).

God has endless love and He desires to pour it into our lives.

That sounds obvious because we take it for granted. Just think, the opposite could equally be true:

  • God has endless hate & He desires to pour hate into our lives.
  • God has endless love yet He is stingy & hoards it.
  • God has limited love & has to be careful to whom He gives it.

No, here’s the reality: ENDLESS LOVE GIVEN TO ALL.

All who come to Him.

The foolish heart that doesn’t come to him obviously cannot receive. God will not force-feed His love to anyone. It is a sign of tremendous love that God allows some hearts to close their mouths tight.

I’ve seen this technique firsthand by Mary with peas. It is very effective.

If she doesn’t want those peas, her lips clamp shut like a steel trap & ain’t nothing prying them open! I want her to have the peas. They are good & good for her. But she has made up her mind. So, no peas!

Is your heart open or closed?

Love is poured into our hearts. Poured like a magnificent waterfall. Why is it that we love to watch waterfalls? Every year we go to Blackwater Falls in Davis, WV. We drive down there just to look at it. The falls are mesmerizing. They are soothing. Even the roaring of the water is pleasant… loud! but, pleasant.

The pouring of God’s love is like that waterfall. It will never run out. It will never be withheld.

The more room in your heart, the more room for God’s love. Is your heart crowded by the cares of this world? How much room is there for God’s love?

The widow’s oil stopped when she ran out of jars (2 Kings 4). If she would have had more jars, she would have received more oil. It’s up to us how much of God’s love gets poured into our hearts. You’ll only get as much as there is room.

It doesn’t end with our heart. We receive to overflowing. We share that overflow with others. At first the Holy Spirit is the Divine Dispenser, but we get to redistribute God’s love too.

Get out there and do it!

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