Cold Can Be Good

-5 degrees

Cold weather can be devastating: from frozen water pipes to frozen toes! It can be just plain nasty. However, even in this frigid cold: From the rising of the sun to its going down, The Lord’s name is to be praised. – Psa. 113:3.

Here are some surprising benefits to cold weather:

Cold weather burns calories. Cold weather kills bacteria-carrying insects. Cold weather reduces inflammation. Cold weather makes sleep more conducive. Cold weather creates more energy. (Who hasn’t fallen asleep in a warm classroom?) Cold weather helps us appreciate the hot days of Summer we were just complaining about!

But most of all, cold weather brings us closer together! You can’t go outside, so enjoy spending inside time with your family & friends! (We don’t get nearly enough of that). Game night! Movie night! Build a fort! (You’re never too old to build a fort by the way.) I don’t know, make a papier-mâché bust of George Costanza!

And for crying out loud, turn over that phone! Leave it in the corner! Ain’t no one contacting you right now, man! They’re all cold too!

If you are reading this it means: You can afford a phone. You are most likely inside. You have eyes that work. You have a mind that can comprehend what you are reading. You are breathing. You just stopped to pay attention to your breathing. Hey, you are still alive! Are you still living?

Make the most of it. For real: Enjoy these days. Thankfully, we don’t get very many of them. Even when the weather is frightful, we can still praise God for His ridiculously prodigal (go ahead, look up the definition) blessings. He is worthy (Psa. 18:3). His Son is definitely worthy (Psa. 145:3).


*By the way, each of the verses referenced today were #3 = the Trinity, completeness, and certain of God’s mighty acts (Exd. 19:11, Luke 13:32, etc.).


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