Payday of Paydays

toy-cash-register-2922214_1920Great news! You will inherit $5 million dollars from a rich relative you didn’t even know you had. However, there is a small catch (isn’t there always?): you won’t receive the money for another five years. That’s a bummer, but even though you don’t have the money just yet, don’t you think your overall attitude will change? Won’t it be a little lighter? Won’t you breathe a little easier knowing it that day is coming? Won’t all those little things that usually get on your last nerve now seem… not all that bad? That demanding job will seem less demanding. Those aches and pains will seem a little duller. Slow Wi-Fi may even seem not so slow… well, maybe not (let’s not be overly optimistic here).

There will be a skip in your step because you know that big payday, although not here yet, is coming.

We have the paydays of paydays coming to us. (Rom. 8:17) The big one; Heaven eternal with the Father – It is promised us (Col. 1:20). It is coming. Soon, but not yet. Therefore, shouldn’t just knowing its there waiting for us put a little smile on our faces?

I’m not saying we are so heavenly focused that we are no earthly good. We still work (Jer. 29:4-7). We still “do business” till he comes (Luke 19:13). We still have to get through the in-between (James 1:12). I know all about the in-between;  sometimes she’s a real bear. Yet our inheritance is sweet and it is well worth the wait! (Psa. 2:7,8). The future glory outweighs any present light and temporary trouble (2 Cor. 4:17). That’s right: it weighs more; it’s big & it’s fat.

So, no matter how loud & ugly our trouble seems in the moment, remember your rich Relative with the abundantly extravagant inheritance just waiting for you. He’s closer now than He’s ever been. And that $5 million dollar earthly inheritance is actually fake. It’s toy-money. Play-pretend money. Compared with what He’s preparing for us, its dust.

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