God Will Take You By the Hand

hands-1432278Throughout Mark there is a sweet phrase that jumps off the page and touches my heart; Jesus taking people “by the hand.”

Again and again, the Savior took people “aside privately” hand in hand. Just He and them, secluded and close –  then He would heal them.

There is something so tender about this; something so intimate and dear. Jesus could have healed in any way He desired; from across the way, by thought, or by will. However, He purposely held their hand.

I am, as I always am, reminded of my girls: I cherish taking them by their tiny hands. When they comply (which they don’t always!) and allow me to lead them by the hand, it fills my heart with such indescribable joy.

Jesus longs to take you by the hand and He adores when you ask for His. Won’t you reach out for it?

See Mark 5:41; 8:23; 9:27

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