Impoverishing Jesus


Today’s Oswald Chambers* took me several reads to fully comprehend. To be honest, that’s pretty normal. His devotional is so deep, sometimes I don’t ever grasp it the first time around! Today’s was good, once I finally “got it.”

Think of the depths of human nature and human life. Do you have a deep “well” of hurt and trouble inside your heart?

You try to dig down and draw from the well, but it only makes the well deeper. Is the well so deep, that you think, “Jesus can’t help me? What could He possibly do in this situation? I’m stuck.”

This happens far too often. The problem is we’re looking in the wrong direction. Instead of inward, we need to look upward. We need to look up to the only One that can help.

We think (from our well), “Oh sure, read the Bible. How will reading the Bible help in this situation?” Subsequently we impoverish or hinder the ministry of Jesus Christ. We can get to the point that He is unable to work in our lives. And that’s all He wants to do: get in our lives and help!

It’s not that Jesus can’t help, it’s that we won’t let Him. Our God is big and far too often we make Him small in our lives.

Look up from your well today and grab the hand that’s reaching down.

May God’s Love be with you

*My Utmost For His Highest, Oswald Chambers.

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