You Get OUT What You Put IN

Col. 3:23

Col. 3:23

As an avid P90X user, I can tell you that the old adage: “You get OUT,what you put IN,” is absolutely true. I mean, you can get by with only doing Plyometrics half way, but what’s the point? Why even do it if you’re not willing to give it 100%? If you want maximum gains, you have to give maximum effort. If you kinda sorta try, you kinda sorta get results. Anything less is sort of… a waste of time.

Many Christians want maximum gains without putting in the maximum effort.

“I don’t feel God’s presence.”
“It’s like God is not listening to my prayers.”
“My faith is not as strong as it once was.”

Ever have questions like these? I know I have.

Well, instead of asking God questions, let’s ask ourselves some hard questions: Have I been spending time in study and meditation? Have I been putting in the time in prayer. Let’s get serious, have I been giving God my 100%?

P90X requires dedication and commitment. Without dedicating myself and committing to the grueling schedule, I cannot complain about what kind of shape I am in. The harder I work at it, the better the results.

Let’s be more intentional with our service to the Lord. Let’s be more dedicated to cultivating a relationship with Him. Let’s commit to giving Jesus our 100%. Then we can sit back and watch God do some awesome new work!

May God’s Love be with you

Ref: Col. 3:23

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