Your Red Sea


When the Israelites were fleeing Egypt, they came up on the Red Sea. They thought, “We’re doomed!” Who wouldn’t? “Uh-oh, dead end. We’re finished.” Right?

Maybe for man. Not for God. God will find a way man could never even imagine.

You know what He did: God parted the waters!

I mean, that’s not even an option! Here are some logical HUMAN options:
Go around. Find a boat? Swim through. HIDE?!

That’s the thing: humans rely on their limited logic. With God, all things are possible! Our tiny peanut brains can’t even comprehend it!

God could’ve done – Any. Thing. Splitting the sea was just one of an infinite number of options for The Creator of the universe. There was no door, so God made one!

So when you are facing your Red Sea and you think your back is against the wall – look to God. He will have a solution you could never come up with yourself. God will create a door for you! He will part those waters like they were nothing… because with God on our side, our problems are nothing.

God Bless!
#relyonGod #Deliverer

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Slave of Jesus. Husband. Father. Pastor.
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